Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Landscapes: A Journey Home in Textiles Exhibition Shots

Here are some snapshots I took of the Landscapes: A Journey Home in Textiles exhibition at Kudos Gallery. The show continues until Saturday, November 7.

The first shot is from the entrance, looking into the gallery:

This is going to the left, with Brooke Morgan's Studies in Grass 1 first, then Liz Williamson's Small Remembrances:

Liz's work again, and Gaawaa: Lifeblood, by Lucy Simpson:

This is Urban Palimpsests by Joanna Redestowicz, and Paula do Prado's Flag Work:

This is my Embodied Landscape 1:

This is Embodied Landscape 3 (I Am Because We Are):

And Embodied Landscape 2:

Belinda von Mengersen's Dusting Cloth is on the right:

The quilt in the middle section is called Sydney Twinkle and is by Alison Muir:

More of Alison's work - Aquamarine, Troubled Water, and Medium is the Message, with part of Brook Morgan's installation Studies in Grass 2 in the next section:

Studies in Grass 3 by Brooke:

Sarah Evans, the curator, also put together a great catalogue. Here's the cover and my pages:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Momentum at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

The latest leg of the Momentum: 18th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial tour opened tonight at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery. It continues until November 29. Here's a link to the MPRG's media release on curator Valerie Kirk's blog.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Landscapes: A Journey Home in Textiles

This post is about a show that opens next week at Kudos Gallery in Paddington. It's a textiles show featuring the work of a number of COFA students and staff. Details are on the invitation below:

This is my explanation of my work and how it fits the theme of the show:

Embodied Landscapes

The works for this exhibition were all made from old socks. I imagine these socks as people wore them to go about their lives, walking across pavements and parks and suburban streets. They have taken on the energy from the lives they have been connected to; the lived experience has become embodied in these socks. Along the way they have encountered myriad landscapes, the stages upon which our lives are lived. And each time they returned home, they brought those landscapes with them.

With these works I’m not trying to represent a landscape, but merely show the physical products that have moved through various landscapes. With the work from the I Am Because We Are series, not only are the various people joined together by their shared humanity, but also by our shared environment; Not only are our lives shaped by our social experiences, but also by the world that sustains us. As we irrevocably change our landscape, so we change ourselves.

The first two works are both called Embodied Landscapes, and are new this year. Embodied Landscapes 1 is made from only white socks, but the range of shades gives it a feeling of geological strata, meshing with the landscape theme. I've included shots of it stretched out and rolled up. I like both effects.

This is Embodied Landscapes 2. I showed a slightly different configuration of it in this post, before I sewed the individual lengths together. I was inspired by African kente cloth, but it also reminds me of Sean Scully's paintings.

This floor piece was part of the I Am Because We Are installation, but I intended the greens and browns of the colour scheme to evoke a landscape when I made it, so thought it would fit this show, too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fiber Arts Article

This is a feature from the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of Fiberarts magazine called ‘Artists to Watch’ which shows some of my textiles. Well, part of the feature - only the page with my work on it. It shows work from textile students around the world. I was the only student from Australia included that year. The magazine's website also has more images from the students, including one of my sock weavings, here.