Thursday, April 1, 2010

Momentum at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

Momentum:18th Tamworth Fibre Textile Bienniale is currently on show at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in Windsor, about one and a half hours from the centre of Sydney. I wasn't able to get to the opening last Friday, but I had a day off yesterday and drove up there. It's a really good hang of the show, made possible by a good range of moveable barriers in the gallery space. My photos aren't great, just snapshots, some a little wobbly, but I've tried to get a shot of all the works so that they can be seen in context. The show continues until May 2, so if you're in Sydney, this is the closest it will get to you, and the best opportunity to see the show.

This is the view when you walk into the exhibition space:

Annabelle Collett's Neo-Camo Installation is on the left, and From the Heart 1 by Christine Atkins on the right:

From left to right: works from Annie Trevillian's Bodywrap Series; Tinkering with Nature - A Decorative Response by Vicki Mason; re-collection:specimens 1-67 by Louise Saxton; and a series of woven rings by Jane Bowden:

Lucille Martin's Lace Tree; Elefteria Vlavianos' the Touch series on the far wall; Fiona Gavino's Perspectives Shift on the plinth; and Cecilia Heffer's Shadow Traces:

Kelly Leonard's A Weaver's Perspective; Burn Out Series by Mandy Gunn; my work Six Degrees; and then 2 printed textiles from Maningrida's Babbarra Designs - Susan Marrawar's Black and White Fish Traps, and Deborah Wurrkidj's Purple, Orange and Green Dilly Bag and Fish Trap:

Elefteria Vlavianos' the Touch series again; Liz Jeneid's work
Tea Party; My Eiffels by Debra Porch; Kelly Leonard and Mandy Gunn's work again:

Debra Porch's work is quite small and I don't think I've had a close-up detail of the work before:

The entrance is on the left here. Penny Malone's Gum Blossom and Fashion Fan is on the right:

Two works by Melissa Hirsch on the far right wall (the red and white coral works):

Jill Kinnear's work are on the left - Diaspora Paisley 3 Shawl and related works:

Hilary Green's 70 Tonnes Per Scoop is in the centre, and another shot of Jill Kinnear's work:

Ainslie Murray's An Architecture of Thread and Gesture is behind the first barrier, and the three white works are by Robyn Glade-Wright:

Demelza Sherwood's stitched drawings are on the right:

Here are Elisa Markes-Young's works in the show:

A very poor shot of Alana Clifton-Cunningham's Second Skin series:

When I went to the gallery I met Prue Charlton, from Marketing and Audience Development at the gallery. Here's a photo of me with my work, and with gallery volunteer Tarja Wright: