Thursday, November 20, 2008

Entanglement at Manningham Gallery

This post is devoted to some more images from the Entanglement show that I was in at the Manningham Gallery that ended a few weeks ago (see this post and this post for more info), plus some promotional/advertising material that featured my work.

All the photos are courtesy of Megan McEvoy, the curator of the show. I wasn't able to get to the show, so basically I've mostly chosen photos that feature my work, or the work of other artists I know. The first 3 images show my work from different angles, but I don't know whose work is around mine:

This image has work by Kelly Leonard on the wall on the left, close to the corner (the two woven panels), and Brook Morgan's work on the facing wall (the large circular piece). Kelly is also in Momentum in Tamworth, and Brook is someone I know from COFA.

The show from another angle. Unfortunately I don't have any details of whose work is featured (A list of the artists in the show is in this post):

And here are the materials with images of my work that were used to promote the exhibition. There were many more, but I only chose the ones with my work! This is my blog after all, so I'm allowed to be self-indulgent!

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