Thursday, January 29, 2009

More sculpture pieces

Another assortment of random artworks! The first work is another one of those experiments that I've written about before where I wanted to try something, did, then didn't pursue it further. This is a self-portrait, each box about 5x5cm. They haven't been mounted as I've never exhibited them. It's a photo with my hair, and some toe- and fingernails. I've been collecting them for about 20 years. I also have almost all my hair from the past 10 years along with lots of other people's hair. This is completely normal, and not at all pathological... My hair always looks darker after it has been cut, in case those who know me wonder why the box isn't full of golden blonde locks!

This is a series of works that I called Prototypes when I exhibited them at PCL Gallery in my Touch show back in 1999. They've since been purged in one of my studio moves. They're from the time when I was working a lot with wire and I was experimenting with different materials to use with the wire, either inside the shape I'd made, or over the top of it. From left to right the materials are: 1) Burnt papier mache covered with polyester resin; 2) human hair stuffed inside, then covered in polyester resin (it soaked into the hair and made it hard, but didn't give that shiny plastic resin coating); 3) cotton wool stuffed inside, then covered in silicone gel (or is it silicon gel? I always get them confused). The wire had rusted; 4) plastic tape wrapped around the wire and covered with polyester resin; 5) sprayed with chrome paint, and twisted aluminium foil wrapped through and around the wire; 6) I think it was covered in plastic like no. 4, then completely covered with chunky glitter. I ended up making artworks from 1,2,3 and 5.

Here are two views of a "flying baby" sculpture where I didn't really do anything to the wire other than spray it silver (well, technically "chrome"). I've been looking through my what-I-thought-was-well-documented archives, but can find neither the title for this and the following work, nor the show (at PCL) that they were exhibited in. I also look at titles of early works and have no vision in my head of what work that applied to! My excuse is that it was a long time ago at the beginning of my art career, and I was very productive at the time!

This was the first made with this shape. The second one above was better formed, but neither survived the purge. This one was painted black, then had tulle sewn over it which I then burned in places to melt the plastic.

This was one of quite a large number of wire and lightbulb pieces that I made around the same time (late 90s). This is called A Corporate Life 25/45/65, and reflects my views of working for corporations, and how it ages and cages workers!

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