Saturday, May 16, 2009

80s' Photo Project

I was putting photos from the 80s on my Facebook page and I came across these photos. They're an early series of work before I considered myself an artist. The idea is completely stolen from Interview magazine which I subscribed to at the time. There are 4 shots of each person, and I think the idea was to have their hands in each shot. I don't think it was possible to focus the camera, which is why half the photos are blurry! As they were taken 20+ years ago, I've forgotten the surnames of some of the people. They're presented in alphabetical order.

Andrew Creagh Carl Gopalkrishnan Claire Staniforth-Smith Darryl Felicia Bowen Frances O'Connor Guy Batten Helen Ward Jamie Jason GilkisonLeonie Michelle Burford Noelene Criddle Paul Heath Rodney Love Stephanie Dumas Steven Susan Berich

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