Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a Piece of Work is Man

What a Piece of Work is Man was the title of this t-shirt installation. The shot above was an installation shot from the Push In, Up and Down to Lock exhibition. The work was viewed by moving the hangers along and looking at the t-shirts like one would in a shop. There was a particular order for each of the shirts, with one t-shirt being related to the ones before and after it, often ironically. Some of the images are below. It was meant to be the journey of a life, from the pre-pubescent boy at the front, to the skulls at the end. I took photos of some of the t-shirts during the exhibition, then set up the work again with some lights, but the original shots were much better quality, so they are mixed together here. The t-shirts were included in a fashion parade a few weeks before the exhibition. They all had to be washed as they got make-up over them during the parade.

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