Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Momentum in Canberra plus Education Resource Kit

Momentum: 18th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial is making its next stop in Canberra at the ANU School of Art Gallery from July 8 to August 1. Instead of a big opening, there's going to be a closing event, to coincide with some workshops, a symposium, and artists' talks. See the details below (they all look quite faint, but click on the images to get a better view):

There's also an education resource kit available for schools to use when art students visit the Biennial. It's a PDF available online here. Unfortunately I had some trouble getting the info from pdf format to jpeg images on some of the pages. The first two pages are as they appear on the pdf, but the next page had to be converted to Word which has affected the formatting. See the original document for the better version.

The kit talks about various works in connection to themes to be explored by the students to get them to think about the art, and to give them ideas for their own art. This is the section on my art (not in the original formatting):

Exploring connections

Hair is the unusual weft material in Rodney Love’s Six Degrees, a set of framed weavings with stencilled lettering of the names of each hair donor. In a frame there is a collection of people’s hair woven in sections butted against each other in one continuous strip. This suggests the closeness of groupings in our society and the way that people are linked through being part of a group. The stencilled name and the hair colours define the individuals. The works have no obvious beginning or end so represent a selection of groups that could extend beyond the limit of the number in this series.

Writing about his work Six Degrees, artist Rodney Love says:
“The work is concerned with what it means to be an individual within a group. Imagine this work extending beyond its boundaries to encompass everyone in the world. And imagine the population of the world as it inexo¬rably becomes larger and larger. We, as a species, may reach a tipping point where the planet can no longer sustain us. Then, whether you are concerned with individuality or collectivity, we will all share the same fate.”

What do you think about Rodney’s description of the connections between human beings and the way that he has illustrated it?

How would you create an artwork that explores the idea of ‘connections?

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