Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award Exhibition

I've got more information about the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award exhibition. All the photos here have been generously provided by Louise Saxton whose Home-tree is the work on the left above. Firstly, here's a list of all the finalists in the show:

Soraya Abidin, Sally Blake, Jayne Branchflower, Annabelle Collett, Cresside Collette, Sue Ferrari, Dianne Firth, Melanie Fitzmaurice, Pamela Fitzsimons, Saffron Lily Gordon, Hilary Green, Tim Gresham, Mandy Gunn, Cecilia Heffer, Abigail Howells, Peta Jones, Adrienne Kneebone, Anita Larkin, Kay Lawrence, Sara Lindsay, Rodney Love, Barbara Macey, Penny Malone, Susan Mathews, Julie Montgarrett, Sabine Parge, Jennifer Robertson, Julie Ryder, Louise Saxton, Demelza Sherwood, Patrick Snelling, Emma Sulzer, Libby Van Schaick, Sera Waters, Ilka White, and Louiseann Zahra-King

As I wrote here, Mandy Gunn was the winner of this inaugural award. Here's her work Fire Sticks from the Burn Out series.

This is the entrance to the show, with Sea life wall pod installation by Penny Malone, and Sara Lindsay's Parampara #2.

This shot has my work Six Degrees: Vida Gaigalas to Bob Hunt on the right, Melanie Fitzmaurice's Explorer's Rope in the middle, and Pamela Fitzsimons' Skin/eucalyptus on the left. I think the work on the floor is Louiseann Zahra-King's A bird readies the soul and moves it to tenderness.

Emma Sulzer's Puma cat (with two other works) is in the foreground, the hanging work is Sue Ferrari's Common Threads, and the wall on the left has Cresside Collette's Two Lands Suite, I think.

From left to right: Julie Ryder's Variations I (Leaves), Cecilia Heffer's Reticella Lace, I think Hilary Green's Tracking South, Annabelle Collett's Swatches - Merge & Filter, and Soraya Abidin's Love Fruit on the plinth.

I think this is Kay Lawrence's This is rain.

This is Anita Larkin's Speak to me of things unknown, and maybe Tim Gresham's Liquid Module IV.

Pretty by Demelza Sherwood:

The work on the left may be Julie Montgarrett's Expository Angel, and RED Stones #1 by Dianne Firth is on the right.

Here are some pages from the catalogue:

Here's an article I found online and linked to from my previous post, but it then disappeared. Fortunately I'd printed it out, and here it is. It's from the Wangaratta Chronicle.

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