Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evolution Hasn't Finished Yet

This is one work that was exhibited with the figures I wrote about here. I have a few more works from the same show to post. I worked with the human figure, but with different materials and different sizes, and all slightly stylized rather than realistic representations. This work was called Evolution Hasn't Finished Yet. This work had its genesis in the chico baby sphere which I wrote about here. The resin started to separate from the chico babies, so I put it out in a garden (the garden of Patrick White's house, just for a bit of name dropping) to see what would happen. It was attacked by birds who ate the chico babies, but one shell was left intact, so I thought I'd coat chico babies in resin and deliberately create empty shells. The cicada shell works that also feature in the same post also had an influence with the idea of metamorphosis. I put the shells on circuit boards to suggest the influence that technology could have on our evolution.

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