Monday, September 1, 2008

Some more work to show

This is a mix of older work, all still existing, but some sold, and some in my collection.

These first two are ones I mentioned a few weeks ago when I showed some paintings. They were a commission after the dog paintings had been bought. The white bits on the rabbit aren't light reflections, they're areas where the paint has been sanded away. The work was built up with lots of layers of acrylic paint , the bunnies painted on, then sanded back to give a flat, but also scratched and worn surface.

I think this one was called Flora the Red Menace (or Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, I keep getting it mixed up!). I think it was in a Waverley Art Prize show a couple of years ago. It's a mixed-media work, with paint (acrylic, watercolour, plus pencil, oilstick, crayon, etc.) poured on, scratched out, sanded over, coloured in, gouged etc I've never been able to reproduce the same level of colour and texture.

This one is untitled. It's the label (about 5x2.5cm?) of a small tube of watercolour paint which soaked off while painting the work above. I liked the random ab-ex patterning. It's covered in polyester resin which gives it the shape, and the glossiness.
This is called Shattered by Fate. It's one of a number of works that grew out of my interest and research of the Holocaust. Each of the little boxes is made of wire that has been stuffed with human hair.
The overall work is about 1.5m wide?

These are part of a series called Violence, Abjection and Ecstasy. There are about 40 or 50 of them all up, including some which are two or three or more sheets sewn together. They are all hand-made paper, some with hair in them, some with grass and other bits and pieces. They were then kept in compost for a week or so along with rusted metal, and pigments, and spices, and rotting fruit and vegetables to get random staining on them. They were coated with a clear acrylic medium to seal them, and patterns stitched onto them with cotton thread. These ones are geometric abstractions, but a number of the later ones took Japanese textile patterns, or more intricate geometric designs. They were exhibited in my Hate and Envy and Crime and Darkness and Pain show last year. I plan to frame a dozen or so and exhibit them with some similarly-sized woven hair works. Not sure where or when. I need to look around at local likely prospects. I'm not just interested in any place I can get into. I want a particularly-shaped gallery space (long and thin). Each sheet is about 16x16cm.

This is a Felix Gonzalez-Torres-like stack piece for another pornography/sexuality show with Penelope Benton. Mine was only A4 sized (Gonzalez-Torres' are A1? A0?) Viewers were allowed to take a sheet with them.

Some little-seen photography work. This has been exhibited in a couple of group shows, I think. It's quite old, maybe late 90s? It's called Tokyo Gothic. I think there are three copies of the photo around, 2 quite small, but one larger copy. I'm not well known enough to be fussy with numbered editions.

Another photograph taken when I lived in Japan (but not printed until the late 90s). That was one of the first artistic mediums I explored. This is called The Places You Find Love. Only one copy of this in existence. About A3 sized.

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