Friday, October 3, 2008

Stripped Bare Sculptures

These are the actual wire figures that I made, decided not to stuff with hair, and then used to make the photograms which were in the Stripped Bare post. Well, some of them were used for that series, but there are probably 10-20 of them that exist just as sculptures. I did make them with the intention of making the hair dolls, which is why some have limbs sticking out at odd angles in an attempt to make them unique. These ones are all shorter than 30cm.

Trying for different finishes, I painted some of the figures silver and gold. Perfect Christmas tree ornaments! Actually, the coloured paint preceded the use of hair with these sculptures. The hair came about when I was thinking of other things to do with the wire, i.e. what to put on the wire, or over it, or inside it. I'll fish out old photos and make a separate post of those (very old) works.