Friday, March 27, 2009

Solo, one-day-only exhibition at Little Fish Gallery

Tomorrow, Saturday March 28, I'll be having a show at the Little Fish Gallery in Newtown. It's just a one day exhibition, and I'll be giving an artist's talk about 2:00 o'clock. It'll be the first stop on Match Box Projects' ARI Guide tour. I'm going to be showing some chopstick works, and some stitched hand-made paper works.

The paper series is called Violence, Abjection and Ecstasy. I showed these works in an earlier post with more pieces and larger images. I'm using these images to match them to the 4x4 grids of the chopstick works. This series is of hand-made paper that was buried and/or placed in compost with various materials and allowed to stain and acquire an instant "history," resembling materials which are described as having a wabi-sabi aesthetic. The stitching is the "ecstasy" part of the title, the Apollonian pattern and order on the Dionysian staining and randomness. They were shown in the Hate and Envy and Crime and Darkness and Pain show that I had at Kudos Gallery last year (see this post for some images from that show).

I also showed these chopstick works, collectively titled Everything Ends in the Hate and Envy and Crime and Darkness and Pain show (more from that series are here). Each of these is about 20x20cm.

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